Teen Therapy in Canton

You’re trying hard to prepare your teen for the big transitions that are coming. To help him make the right decisions and move toward the life he wants to live.

But you never expected the amount of pressure she would be under now that she’s about to leave the house. You certainly don’t remember standards being so high when you were young and the pressure is happening earlier than you ever imagined.

Despite how overwhelming the pre-teen and teenage years can be, you’re ready to help your child manage his stress and find a stronger sense of happiness.

As soon as your child reached a certain age you thought you’d hit the jackpot. It was like you’d finally reached the place where she could test her independence, spread her wings, and earn your trust. And it also meant you’d have a little less to do for someone else and a little more time for yourself. You imagined all the good things about her growing older like dropping her at the movies with friends, picking out prom dresses, and teaching her to drive.

You spent your time together dreaming about first jobs and college dorms and couldn’t wait to help him on his journey toward becoming a young adult. You felt completely ready to say goodbye to your baby and hello to your budding young man. And when the day came for him to become more autonomous you beamed with pride. You’d been ready for this for a long time and you couldn’t wait to see your child grow.

But here you are, smack-dab in the middle of adolescence and your family is struggling.

The weight of the expectations on your child hangs like a cloud over your household. Your teen’s best hardly seems to cut it, and everyone is feeling the effects of the super high standards. It feels like no matter how hard she tries, she’s always falling short of the bar.

That’s not to say you thought the tween and teen years would be easy. This time is a huge test of your child’s dedication and character. But you never wanted him to be average. In fact, you want the opposite, a well-rounded child who was exceptional at whatever he wanted to do. You know there will be days that are more difficult for him than others, but he works so hard and puts forth so much effort he shouldn’t have to struggle all the time.

What you didn’t expect was how stressful this time of life would be. You never predicted how many peers she’d have to compete with. You had no idea how difficult it would be to get good grades. And you certainly didn’t expect your teenager to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

So here you are

Lost, worried, and frustrated.

It slapped you in the face the other day…

Your teenager rushed in the house after going to the mailbox holding a letter from the school. The one she had been thinking about for weeks. You noticed it was in a small envelope but told yourself that didn’t really matter and tried to stay positive. She tore it open as fast as she could and read the first line. You knew instantly by the look on her face that it was going to be a rough day. But you weren’t expecting the complete shutdown and your teen’s loss of enthusiasm weeks later.

And the thing is, you still feel heartbroken.

You know without a doubt it is time to help your teen take control of her overwhelm. You know your family can’t keep going like this or everyone is going to be miserable.

You thought you were doing the right things to prepare your teen, but when you look at how things are going

Your family is struggling to rise to today’s demands.

It doesn’t matter how prepared she was, you did not expect your teenager to flounder when the time came to transition to adulthood. You truly thought she’d sail through high school straight into college and beyond, but you’re sure now that your whole family needs some help putting measurable, achievable goals into place.

It’s hard to admit that your adolescent is struggling to succeed. But when achievement comes too easily it’s hard not to take it for granted.

The truth is, a lot of tweens and teens feel immense pressure to live up to high standards today. It doesn’t mean they don’t have a drive or a purpose. Your child is not the only adolescent to feel trapped in the success rat race. We see this every day in our adolescent therapy sessions. Your teen simply needs to learn how to align his purpose, passion, and values.

You’re ready for your family to find success on its own terms and for your teen to thrive in whatever environment she desires. While you may feel unable to give your child the level of support they need, you recognize that professional help for young adults is available and can make all the difference.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

-Maya Angelou 

When You Enroll Your Child In Our Teen Therapy Center in ​Canton

Your tween/teen will feel more positive about life and have an increased overall sense of well-being 

Your tween/teen will sleep better 

Your tween/teen will experience a more stable mood and express less irritability 

Your tween/teen will feel less isolated and have an easier time enjoying family and friends 

Your tween/teen will gain a sense of control over major life decisions so he or she will no longer worry about being under immense pressure. 

The Teen Therapy Process

Counseling for young adults and teens/tweens is intended to help children 13 – 18 learn to manage the stressors and pressures of their environment. Together, we will identify the reasons behind your tween or teen’s emotional struggles and create a plan to help your child fulfill her full potential.

We’ll meet together weekly for 50-minute sessions; however, we can accommodate adolescents who need more in-depth help twice a week. Typically, teen counseling sessions continue for at least three months and up to one year. The exact duration of counseling depends on the complexity of your teen’s concerns and we will discuss the recommended length of therapy in session. There are certain sessions parents and adolescents will attend together and other times where the parents and/or teen will meet alone with the therapist. This allows our youth therapists to get an accurate picture of the problem and the entire family to reap the benefits of counseling.

Here’s what to expect:

WEEK ONE: Intake

During this initial teen therapy session, the teenager, parents, and therapist work together to define the counseling relationship and discuss the details of informed consent. I gather information about you, your adolescent, your family members, and your teen’s biological and social history and how these factors impact the current situation. We also discuss the goals you have for your parenting relationship going forward.

WEEK TWO and Beyond: Teen Therapy

Together, in each subsequent session, we will use a variety of therapeutic approaches to meet your tween or teen wherever he is in his emotional process. Through these models, we will put your child first and help your teenager trust his place in the world.

Each session is designed to discover how your teen experiences her current distress and how she communicates it through her interactions with others. Together we will process the current state of your family relationships and set goals for where you want them to be.

We will use methods that make sense to adolescents and allow your child the freedom to explore his own autonomy.

TERMINATION: 1-2 Final Sessions

 In our final sessions, we will review the goals you had for your teen to ensure you are satisfied with your counseling experience and that our work together has met your expectations. We will also outline a plan going forward so that your teen is able to retain what we have worked on together and implement all he has learned outside of session.

More About Our Teen Therapy Center in Atlanta

As youth therapists, we help tweens and teens become the best version of themselves. Experience truly matters when working with young people, and as seasoned clinicians, we combine three decades worth of experience in child-centered services to make sure adolescents, and their unique perspectives, are the focus of treatment.

It is our passion to work with tweens and teens in a relationship-focused way. Each therapist may use a different therapeutic approach, but everyone at Sunshine Child and Family Counseling emphasizes the relationship between client and counselor and aims to help every teen thrive.

Sunshine Child and Family Counseling is the place for people who are looking for an authentic, casual, laid back, and fun approach to therapy where you will often find counselors trying to understand the world from the teenage perspective. You can read more about our training and specialties

Sunshine Child and Family Counseling is the place for people who are looking for an authentic, casual, laid back, and fun teen therapy center. You can read more about our training and specialties here

Who Benefits Most from Teen Counseling at Sunshine Child and Family Counseling

Counseling for young adults in Canton works best for teens and adolescents who have expressed the desire to “talk to someone” about their problems. Teen counseling helps tweens and teens play an active role in the relaxed side of life.

Your teen will benefit from Adolescent Therapy sessions if:

  • He feels intense pressures to go above and beyond and achieve high standards
  • She worries about all the pressure on her to perform and succeed academically
  • He is stressed out by changes in family dynamics or family conflicts
  • He has a hard time in social situations and lacks the self-esteem to make solid friendships
  • She has not responded to your parenting style no matter what you have tried

There are certain situations where your child might not be ready for teen counseling sessions with Sunshine Child and Family Counseling. These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Current substance use/abuse
  • The need for acute or inpatient treatment
  • Ongoing divorces where counseling is needed to determine custody

If your teen is currently experiencing any of these issues, Sunshine Child and Family Counseling will provide your family with appropriate referrals.

What Does Teen Therapy Cost?

Sunshine Child and Family Counseling is a fee for service agency and accepts all major forms of payment.

Self-pay sessions ranges between $100 – $140.

Certain clients may be able to use insurance benefits for therapy services. Please contact us to determine if we are paneled with your insurance.

We do offer reduced rates upon need. Please talk to your therapist further regarding details.


Sunshine Child and Family Counseling: Providing Professional Help for Young Adults

It is entirely possible for your adolescent to be excited about his future. He no longer has to feel anxious or depressed about major life decisions or worry about not being able to live up to everyone’s high expectations. Your tween or teen will feel secure knowing he has the problem-solving, stress-management skills to navigate the challenges and demands that come up in his life.

Right now, a sense of ease and a happy family dynamic feels far off, but that does not mean you and your teen can’t face upcoming life changes together while still relating in a healthy, positive way.

Ultimately, working together will help your teen feel prepared to move forward in her life and take on adulthood in a way that matches her personality and meets her needs.

To schedule an Adolescent Therapy session at our teen therapy center, call 678-740-3990 


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