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You can’t help but wonder where you went wrong and why you can’t seem to reach your child.

It’s as if no matter what expectation you lay out for him, he just can’t manage to do what needs to be done.

You thought parenthood would bring you a sense of pleasure and joy. That you would have someone to guide, teach, and share your values with and someone you could take such pride in watching grow. course, you knew there would be challenging moments, and that being a good parent would be hard work, but you truly believed the bad moments would be fleeting and the great ones would outshine everything else.

When you look at your family today, you feel like you’ve come to a worried and confused place. Your child is struggling to find herself in the world and is anxious and sad every day. She just can’t seem to find her stride and is stuck in a place of worry and awkwardness. On the worst days, you take your frustrations out on each other and grow further apart as you see that maybe this isn’t a phase after all and maybe school, friendships, and responsibilities never will be easy.

Well, we’re here to tell you you’re not alone. Behavior problems, adjusting to new phases of life, and anxiety do not have to tear your family apart. You and your child are completely capable of navigating the demands on your individual lives and building a strong long-lasting relationship through the process.

At Sunshine Child and Family Counseling there is one thing we know for sure:

Children have the right to stand in their own place and have a say over their existence.

Sometimes, as adults, we believe we know what is best in every situation. But the truth is, children often know when something feels off or isn’t right with the situations around them. Poor behavior isn’t always intentional or out of spite. Often, it is a way of lashing out when things feel out of control. When this happens, your child might seem like they are out of place, or unable to reach standard expectations.

This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your child. It simply means, as a family, you have some work to do toward reducing your child’s anxieties and freeing him up to be himself regardless of the situation.

Often, when the family dynamic you’ve worked hard to build over the years seems to change, it can make you feel like you’ve failed your child. Soon, you’re left wondering who might be better to advocate and fight for her since you can’t seem to make any headway.

But the truth is, parenting is really, really hard. And it’s normal to wonder about your worth and your contribution as the provider for your child. Although seeing him struggle can leave you feeling guilty and ashamed, it does not have to keep you from bonding and being close. Instead, you can learn to embrace what makes you child different.

That’s where Sunshine Child and Family Counseling comes in:

Change comes from understanding, and at Sunshine Child and Family Counseling, we’re dedicated to helping you understand your child and her current needs.

As mental health professionals, we help kids be the best version of themselves. Children already have to fight for a place in the world and have little autonomy. We make it our mission to advocate, educate, and normalize for children so they start to believe in themselves, their differences, and their uniqueness.  We combine three decades worth of experience in child-centered services to make sure that children, and their needs, are the focus of treatment.

Sunshine Child and Family Counseling is dedicated to dedicated to trying to understand the world from the child’s perspective and looking through their eyes.

It is our passion to work with kids, teach people new things about young people’s mental health, and help them see that change comes from understanding.

Sunshine Child and Family Counseling…

is the place for people who are looking for an authentic, casual, laid back, and fun approach to therapy where you will often find counselors on the floor with kids.


is the place for people who are looking for an authentic, casual, laid back, and fun approach to therapy where you will often find counselors on the floor with kids.

Perhaps you’ve recently noticed some behavior changes and your child is no longer conducting himself appropriately at home. You have tried different parenting techniques and they haven’t worked as well as you’d hoped. Your child’s teacher has also pointed out something isn’t quite right, and extended family members have mentioned you might want to seek additional help. You want to get to the bottom of your child’s behavior, but you just don’t know the first place to start. That’s ok. Through our Play Therapy sessions, we will explore what might be going on in your child’s life and triggering these sudden changes.

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Or maybe your tween or teenager has approached you about the pressures she feels to succeed at school. She has told you about feeling anxious and not believing she is capable of reaching the high standards she feels she has to. You’re looking for the best ways to support your child and need to know more about available resources that will help her thrive. When you schedule a session for Adolescent Counseling, your child will feel more positive about her life and overall well-being.

Click here to learn more about Adolescent Counseling.

Sometimes you need extra support when your family is going through a hard time. You may be feeling stressed out or angry at yourself for reacting poorly to your child’s struggles. You’ve tried everything in your parenting arsenal and haven’t gotten through and you’re looking for ways to help your child respond differently.

You can learn more about our Parenting Support services here.

Helping families strengthen bonds and work through life’s challenges.

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Helping families have access to counseling services through secure HIPAA compliant technology.

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Ultimately, having a happy home life is about understanding your child’s unique needs and the reasons behind their struggle.

You’re ready to start getting through to your child and making a difference where it matters most. You’re also ready for your relationship to be strong again. It is entirely possible to have a child who is thriving and to relate well to him.

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