Maybe your child is heading off to school this year. Or perhaps your child is a few years into elementary school. You might simply be feeling a bit nervous about everything your child is going to face, or maybe your child has told you about a problem they’re dealing with.

As a parent, all you want to do is step in and somehow make the situation better. But you also know that your child has to learn how to deal with these scenarios independently. At this stage in life, your job involves teaching them the skills they’ll need in order to do so.

Here are some common challenges that your child will likely face at some point in school, and how you can help them overcome these issues.

Trouble with Academics

Learning new subjects isn’t easy. Your child might thrive in one area academically and have trouble in another. Every parent wants their child to receive good grades.

But if your child is struggling academically, it’s important not to shame them. Instead, work with them to create a study schedule. Encourage them to ask for help at school when they need it. Getting comfortable asking for help is an important skill!

Feeling Overwhelmed

Even if your child is at an age when school is supposed to be centered around having fun learning rather than studying hard, they can still end up feeling overwhelmed by their new responsibilities. They might be having trouble waking up in the morning, paying attention throughout the school day, or doing homework when the school day is done.

For a child, balancing all of these new tasks can be hard, but there are important lessons to be learned here. Set your child up with a planner so that they can start getting the hang of basic organizational skills and help them create schedules that keep them on track. This is a valuable skill that your child can apply throughout their entire life.

Struggling to Make Friends

Making friends isn’t always easy for kids. What if your child comes home from school feeling lonely? They might even express to you that they wish they could stay home because they feel lonely at school.

Depending on your child’s age, you may want to encourage them to sign up for extracurriculars so that they can connect with kids who share their interests.

Finding Their Place

Sometimes, even friendly kids who don’t have much trouble talking to other people in their classes don’t feel like they truly fit in. If your child tells you that they feel like they don’t belong, remind them that this is a time in life when everyone is figuring out who they really are, and that fitting in isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Help your child get comfortable being themselves. They will naturally start to make friends who are on the same wavelength.

Comparing Themselves to Others

Maybe your child feels like some of their friends are smarter, more popular, or more athletic than they are. When you’re young and spending almost all of your time with your family, you don’t think to compare yourself to others. But when your children enter school, these complex dynamics suddenly become a reality.

Talk to your child about their own talents and the unique qualities that make them so special. Encourage them to pursue opportunities that will allow them to hone their own strengths.

Do you suspect that your child is struggling in school? Working with a therapist can help. Reach out to us today to discuss your options for scheduling a session for your child.

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