As a parent when you are looking for a therapist for your child it can be an overwhelming process. Most parents do not know that play therapy even exists! So many times I get prospective calls from parents that have just started the process of looking for a therapist for their child. Part of my job when talking to parents is to educate them on play therapy and why it is developmentally appropriate for their child. I have seen a lot of children over my years of practice and I have never met a 5-year-old that comes in and sits on my couch and tells me what’s bothering them!! It seems a little silly, doesn’t it? What do children do? They play. Play is their language, it is the way they communicate frustration, anger, joy, sadness and fear. Behavioral issues and mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit/hyperactivity, autism spectrum, social impairment, and learning disabilities can be helped through play. I encourage all parents seeking therapy for their child to check out the Association for Play Therapy,

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